Shopping Service

Please fill in the short form to get your shopping list to us. Remember to press the big green Submit button.

You'll get a copy of your list so you will know it has been sent.

Please allow 48 hours for us to process your order. If it is a big shop we may contact you to make a payment in advance.

The email will include details on how to pay. If it does not arrive, please check your spam folder.

Shopping List

Please fill in your details, your shopping list and where to leave the shopping and then press the button.

  • Please let us know where you live.
  • Please add the date so we keep things straight.
    Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • What would you like us to get?
  • If you know your what3words please add them here. It is not essential but useful so we can find you.
  • Please let us know where you want us to put the bags.
    The Shopping Scheme is having to ensure we are using our volunteers for those most in need. If you are a visitor to the Island and are having problems accessing food supplies or have been asked to self isolate, please ring Karen (Taylor) on 07793 037 714 or Sarah (Smith) 07394 074 829

Using the scheme

The Co-op shopping scheme was started at the beginning of the lockdown with the idea of reducing the risk for those shielding and the vulnerable in our community but also reducing the exposure of all of us. No criteria were put in place at that time. It has become very successful and necessary, we now have to ask that it is only used by those most in need. Criteria have been decided by Mull Community Council and follows:

"The shopping service that has been set up to help us through this difficult time has proved very successful so a huge "thank you" must go to our wonderful volunteers.

However we are worried that too heavy a burden is being placed on them. The service is primarily for the elderly and vulnerable, people who have been told to shield and mothers with children who cannot get to the shops at the moment.

It would help us if you are able to restrict your order to perhaps once a week, also if you are not in the shielding or vulnerable group and are able to go to the co-op yourself it would help.

There has been a problem with supplies at the co-op but this should sort itself out when we get 6 day deliveries. You will appreciate there has been an unexpectedly high demand and they are struggling to keep up.

Thank you for your cooperation."

Check your spam folders, and save as a trusted sender.

Just a reminder that the following are doing orders and that these can be delivered by Mikey and the Volunteers drivers.
Tobermory Fish Company 01688 302 120
Tobermory Stores 01688 302 808
Tobermory Bakery 01688 302 225


We cannot accept cash or cheques. You must be able to pay by online banking or by card payment, there is a small charge for card payments. We will phone you to take payment by card.

The email will include details on how to pay. If it does not arrive, please check your spam folder.

Shopping scheme update 13th May

Thank you to the Coop for doing an amazing job getting back on track this week, and thank you to the shopping volunteers who are being fantastic as ever: we really wouldn't have a scheme without them.
To help the volunteers as they shop, please, if possible,
  • organise your lists into sections - similar items together (meat / fish / bread etc), or, if you can remember the layout of the shop, even better!
Weekly shops
  • We are encouraging weekly shops, but please, only request what you need for the week, to allow the Co-op to keep up with demand. The volunteers are shopping on their own, and have to carry your shopping to the car.
  • Where the shop is very large, Sarah Smith will ask for money up front to cover the cost of some of your shop. If your shop is less than the amount asked for, you will, of course, be reimbursed.